Sunday, February 5, 2012

Publishing update...

Much has happened since last post. 

"The Connecting Flame" cover is done.  Artwork by Reese Dante through Silver Publishing.  I am EXTREMELY happy with this cover, she captured what I wanted, which is a symbolic image of the story line.  This first book in my 'Harp & Sword' series has a tentative slotted release date of March 3rd. 
The second book in the series 'Passion's Chill' has been picked up and contracted with a release date tentatively scheduled for sometime in June.

The first round of edits for 'The Connecting Flame' are finished and when I put up this post, I'll be sending the document back to my editor for I believe a final go-over, then I  believe we're on our way to the galleys.  (Should that be capped?  Not sure.  Brand new to this area of the editing process.)

I pulled 'Crimson Dawn' from the submission process.  Not happy with it at this point.  I'll reconsider it at a later date.

In the meantime, I'm working on my spiritual classes to become a Science of Mind practitioner.  Lots of studying, writing and editing.  My work load is F-U-L-L FULL!'s a good kind of busy.  ;D

Blessed Be,


  1. Thanks, hon! Love being this kind of busy. ;D Edits have now been sent back to the editor. I can focus on my spiritual homework now. =D Have a great day, Sweets! <3