A black tigress shape-shifter is loose on the city of Sapphire Ridge, California, seeking vengeance against Thomas Hampton, the lead vampire who once assisted in imprisoning her over 400 years before. When the Dimenlien Guild, led by Mistress Garen, the only being who has full knowledge of portal usage, refuses to help Hampton recapture the Tigress, he must turn to an enemy who long ago vowed to destroy him if they ever crossed paths again: Jonathan "Pal" Palomino, now a private investigator with Eagle Eye Investigations headed up by Kevin Laredo.

Kevin Laredo, who so far is kept in the dark about Jonathan's past, must deal with his own ghosts. Vic Turner, a bounty hunter and a man who once saved Kevin's life intervenes in yet another dangerous situation, prompting the head of Eagle Eye to hire him on in order to expand the business. Kevin learns exactly who Vic is in connection with a murder case that brought about the deaths of Kevin's estranged wife and two young sons almost three years before. Due to this link, there is an undeniable attraction, but is it a good idea for Kevin to get involved with a man who may end up working with him? To make matters even more complicated, Vic resembles Jonathan's deceased lover from 25 years ago. Is Vic a part of Hampton's plan to manipulate Jonathan into doing what he wants?

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  1. I really, really want to buy and read the complete episode of this series but it seems like the link is not working anymore. Are you planning on to put this awesome series in amazon back or kobo in the future? Thanks!