Saturday, August 31, 2013

The artwork here, though I do not know the artist, when I saw this picture it called to me. It was as though they captured the story I'm working on. At you will find information about my Bromance piece placed in an A/U - Space Opera setting. The story is pouring out of me. 37,000 words in one month and that's just the outlining of it. The actual orchestration of the plotting will begin as soon as I get enough back story put together and let the idea of the ending cook a bit more. It may be 2 books in length as the story is gaining ground with each day. The characters are speaking at extreme volume levels, complete with a need to chat me up along the lines of detail and personalities. "Merlin" became an outlet for me in regards to inspiration. I'm using the cast as models for the characters in my story, but those characters are fast losing the Merlin influences and taking on lives of their own. It's the visual aids I still look to for that continual push.

Yes, in talking with my sister today I can honestly say that the Male/Male Genre' is fast becoming a thing of my past. In dealing with lack of sales, it has occurred to me that readers of that genre' are also the writers, so in a sense I'm, to use my sister's words: "preaching to the converted". My strength is just not within that area of writing. I cut my teeth on Bromance at the age of 12. It's been my passion ever since. I thought I could make a go of it, by taking male love a step further. It's just not going to happen, at least not now. I may pursue it again in the future, but this... THIS is where my heart is. The story is coming together. When I told my sister I had done over 37,000 words in a month she said, "This is it. This is meant to happen." When I told her I was enjoying writing again, she said, "This is where the Universe wants you."

She was echoing exactly what I had been saying to myself since making this change, just a tad over a month ago. It's happening, my friends. This is the line of writing where my heart soars and the words flow and the struggle ceases. I hope you will join me on my this journey. Check out the above FB page and hit 'Like' for me, would you? If Bromance is at all a part of your heart, I honestly think you're going to like where I'm going with this story. And, for those of you who enjoy het, I have some strong female characters as well, but remember... it's all about the Bromance for me, so that's where the story will be focused. If that appeals to you... come and join me. It goes without saying that I hope the stories will please you. I'm shooting for an April 2014 release, at least for the first book. If editing and artwork for the cover get done in time. I'll work hard and true on it. This story is screaming at me and that tells me it needs to be told.
Now... back to writing.
Janalyn (formerly known as Myristica)