Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Crimson Dawn" Book I update...

Pre-edits still in progress.  Finished up to chapter 7 in the handwritten area, am currently working what has been done so far into the Word doc.  Am aiming to get more handwritten edits done to chapters 8,9 and 10 this evening.  I have a 5 day weekend coming up this week, so I will be busy finishing up this first book and then it's on to submission road!

The first book to my Harp & Sword Chronicles is still waiting for first round edits.  Silver publishes quite a few books throughout the month so they are extremely busy.  I may not get the first round until the beginning of 2012.  I'm good, though, it just means they are very, very busy and that's a good thing for a publishing company. ;D  Leaves me free to work on the second book as well as this first book to my 'Crimson Dawn' series.  ;D

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