Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A lot has happened in the last 3 months

Firstly, the first book in my "Harp & Sword Chronicles" (tentatively entitled 'The Connecting Flame') has been picked up by Silver Publishing. 
I have other stories I will be submitting to them in the not so distant future.  I likes Silver Publishing!  :D

Secondly, my mom passed away a little over a month ago.  I've not been hit with the grief, yet.  Still wondering when it's going to crash into me.  I still can't believe she's gone.  It just doesn't seem real.  I never saw her body, so I know there's no closure there.  But stepfucker, and I use that title without any amount of restraint or hesitation, moved quickly to get her to the crematorium.  I was never consulted on the memorial service thanks to stepfucker, and was never told he had gone to spread her ashes last week.  He basically pushed me aside as he has hated me for 31 years.  Good news is...now that she's gone, I can get on with my life without stepfucker.  Thank the Universe!  So, there is a silver lining even in this sad time.  I know my mom is watching out for me.

Thirdly, the cancer is almost gone.  Life is good.

Fourthly, I got an incredible e-mail this morning from a woman who found an old unfinished M/M Slash Fan Fiction I wrote back in 2006 on a Live Journal community.  She wanted to know where the rest of it was because she had found the story 'beautiful' and was eager to see how it ended.  I explained I stopped writing it because I had this crazy notion to revise the storyline and make it into an original futuristic setting space opera.  In 5 years, no one has spoken to me about that story.  In 5 years I've not heard a peep.  One woman finds it and gets in touch with me specifically to find out how she can read the rest of it.  It just takes one person to give you great feedback to get you pumping on a story you think no one is interested in and so why rush to publish?  I spent all day on the puppy as a result of her wonderful 'shot in the arm' feedback.  It now has a beginning and the first chapter outlined and after 5 years, I finally found solid footing with it's beginning.

Readers take note:  Feedback the authors of stories you love.  Even if it's just on a blog or your Facebook or Live Journal.  Find them (and you can find e-book authors practically everywhere)  or even feedback Fan Fic authors (if you truly love their work).  Feedback drives writers to write more!  It's our spiritual bread-and-butter (physical bread and butter is the royalties, so bear that in mind as well.  DO NOT PIRATE BOOKS!  Sorry had to throw that in as it's a pet peeve of us authors.  I know times are tough, but e-books are written with love and the authors and publishers and editors should be rewarded for their hard work.  Save your pennies.  E-books don't cost an arm and a leg, luvs.  Really, a few dollars here and there and you've got yourself a wonderful story.  Let's make stealing a thing of the past, okay?)
So, reward your favorite authors.  It's what keeps us moving, desiring to write more, knowing our stuff is bringing joy to those who bother to let us know that.  :)

Life is good.

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