Saturday, July 2, 2011

The need to publish...

Been there before, but never went anywhere, so I'm going to try playing the publishing hand again.  I am involved with a lot of people on Facebook; authors who are doing what they love to do and there is a huge family growing in the M/M Romance arena as a result.  I have been writing since I was 12.  It's been inside of me to get stories out there, but now it's not necessarily because of any extra money or being 'known' or 'well known' by others.  It's more a need to dive in, swim with others, party with them, become a part of that family.  I know I could do that just from being a reader or reviewer, but to actually experience the thrill of having stories out there that people like to read, to comment on and to say that they want to read more.  I'm doing that for others and I just gotta tell you, it must make their day to hear that. 

It's time I set some goals for myself.  Yes, I want to study my spiritual path and I will when the classes start.  I would love to become a Minister for Religious Science (Science of Mind. Not to be confused with Christian Science or Scientology.)  That's my day job goal.  For my fun job,'s to truly become a published author this time.  In every sense of the word.

I've got stories backed up and new ones on the way.  It's time I 'demanded' of the Universe the manifestation of my passions.  I am co-creator with the Universe.  I am getting over an illness that threatened my life.  I'm beating it back out of my body.  I cannot ignore what my passions are.  Spirituality and Writing.  Both run neck and neck, so there is not one more precious to me than the other.  I have to do what I need to do in both areas.
There is absolutely NO REASON why I cannot have and do both.
I love the new friends I'm making on FB and am loving the material I've been reading (more like gobbling) up on.

Life is good.  It's time for me to really start living it.

Write on!

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