Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Post

Well, had to make one of these.  Many of the authors I wish to get to know better have such blogs on Blogger and in order for me to follow them, I needed to put them in a place I could get to easily.  Here I am. 

I'm experimenting here, so bear with me as I design and redesign and redesign some more. (And, btw, my DOB is not the real one for me.  I'm MUCH older.  However, it was what I chose as a significant part of my life, so if you meet me in the future, just don't be surprised what you find.  I have family and friends who would NEVER understand this part of my life, so I keep certain information hush-hush.) ;D

My world is full of journeys and I will share them with you here, as well as what I'm doing with my own stories.  I had to remove my works from a former publisher, due to health issues and finalization of contracts, so I'm free to expand, revise or just put off work until the health issues are fully and completely resolved.  (Let's face it, cancer is a bitch, but I'm much more of one when it comes to living life, so I plan on 'Remission' as being already in progress.)
For those of you who know my true identity, I would appreciate keeping this side of my life mum, in case those on FB can put 2 and 2 together.  It will just make my life a bit less stressful and allow me the luxury of living this passion of mine without conflict.  Thanks, much.

At this point, life is going well and I am eager to get started back into this world of Male/Male Romance. 

Let the words flow forth, both from the mind and to the mind.  ~Myr~

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