Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing Fantasy--Using Magnifying Glass to Find an Audience

Writing a Fantasy M/M Romance series is not easy. For one thing, there's not a huge audience for the genre', not compared to contemporary settings. It's great if it's within Paranormal parameters, but to world build off-world (A/U), it's another story... pun intended.

Then there's that--world building. To introduce a story line taking place in another universe is another problem, especially when there are plots and subplots and main characters and supplemental characters. Yup. Lots going on. The prequel to my "Harp & Sword Chronicles" will probably never be published, as it's too, too, world-buildy. Not enough sex, and it's all about Thaddeus (especially during the second part), and how he became the 'Marked One'. Stephen is only a child at that time, though mature for his age, and is only seen in the first part. The entire prequel is over 200 pages long. I'm working on it in case someday I offer it as a free read, but there's much to cut out due to overbearing exposition. And I have to ask myself, will anyone really care about this part of the world-building? Can I simply refer to stages of the prequel in future installments, such as in exposition dumps here and there, along with sparse flashback sequences? Much of the prequel is alluded to in "Passion's Chill", some scenes used as one or two flashbacks, but it's a conundrum. It's a difficult task, but... Thaddeus and Stephen's love story is deep and built on a foundation, as well as destined to be. It took me over 10 years to where I truly see possibilities for this series to be ongoing, almost like a TV show, with each installment like an episode.

But, again, the problem is finding an audience. All I can offer is an intimate relationship between two young men who care for each other deeply, and to have that love tested time and time again into a forged bond that seemingly nothing can break. I'm not going to guarantee that their love will constantly be without conflict, as they deal with abusive magicks and divine entities who just love to toy with them, but... it will be strong and powerful. Enough to win every time? Well, we'll see.

My greatest desire for this series is that people will give it a chance to grow on them. I believe they will be pleasantly surprised. =D
-Hurt/Comfort Never Felt So Good-

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