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"Merlin" A Bromance For The Ages...

   "The Protector" by Obsidian Serpent
                                                                                                         "Execution" by Obsidian Serpent

To all the Arwenites out there for the show "Merlin" who are constantly posting how they cannot understand Merthurites, and that the focus of our adoration should be on Gwen and Arthur.

Allow me to interject here. I am a Merthurite. However, I lean more towards the Bromance angle of Merlin and Arthur's relationship, much more than the slash angle. Not that there's anything wrong with an intimate relationship imagined up by those who are so inspired. (Even I have loved seeing the portrayals of intimate closeness for Arthur and Merlin, as long as they are done in good taste. Some aren't and I skip over those, but I cannot deny the likes of Obsidian Serpent and others who truly pour out such intense inspiration and love into their projects. I heartily congratulate such wonderful use of their talents. As For OS's work check out "The Protector" and "Execution"(above)to see what I mean. Absolutely story-inspiring work. And I am in the midst of discovering others. Let's face it. Merthur has arrived and it's bound to stay for a very, very long time. And as for me, a writer of Male/Male love be it in a romantic or bromantic way, these works do inspire the, what is termed *feels* for powerful stories. Being that I cannot draw at all, I am left only with the pen and paper as my brush and canvas.)

Now, that being said, please realize something about this show. It was, from the beginning, a show about Arthur and MERLIN. NOT Arthur and Gwen. Though Gwen's role is VERY important in the life of Arthur, the show itself was geared to the destiny of Merlin with Arthur and no one else. It's Merlin's destiny, intertwined with Arthur's, not Arthur's destiny with Gwen. We all knew he'd get the girl anyway, so, there you have it.

What we did not know was how the relationship between Merlin and Arthur would go, where it would end, and what we would feel when we got there. I've seen the ending only once over a month ago and it is still cutting me soul deep. (Yes, the *feels* have come and taken root and I doubt I'll ever want to dig them out. The story, the entire 'love' between Arthur and Merlin, though shown more from Merlin's standpoint as the show is about his life with Arthur, was and is powerful and breathtaking. Even now.)

All other characters with the exception of Morgana and Mordred (of whom little was really seen in the show, but even Alex caught the gist of the story line), are supplemental characters, geared to move our main duo along, and even in that respect that was what Morgana was… a necessary evil to set the stage for the tragic ending. And a beautifully portrayed villainess, I might add. (Wink-wink, nudge-nudge to Ms. McGrath.)

The creators have even said that it was a 'love story' between Arthur and Merlin (and bear in mind that platonic love stories do and have existed over the course of centuries, though when it comes to homophobia in the entertainment industry, it is sorely lacking.) Even Katie McGrath has been seen in interviews as throwing her support towards what the fans want regarding Merlin and Arthur. She has had no problem with it. And the most powerful argument of all is Bradley James himself when asked which was stronger Arthur's romance with Gwen or his Bromance with Merlin immediately and without hesitation said, "Bromance with Merlin. It's there for all to see… no contest."

I realize how frustrating it is for those who want to see fans give more attention to a pairing you'd rather see than what is really out there. I've been there. I've waited for over 30 years for a Bromance pairing of this nature to come to TV or a book or a movie, even. I've written my own fan fiction as a result of feeling the lack of what I've been aching to see all these years. But again… it's been a terribly long wait for me. TERRIBLY long. Ever since the original Starsky and Hutch went off the air in 1979… does that put it in perspective for you a bit? I hope so.

Now, every once in a while I'll get a little carrot dangling in front of me, but then they yank it away in lieu of a male/female pairing. White Collar comes close. Sam and Dean come very close, but Merlin is what I have been waiting for. I'm sorry the Arwenites are upset that Merthurites exist, I truly am as I know how it feels to be frustrated. But… we get male/female pairings all the time nowadays. Very rarely will we get bromance shows that have such emotion as beautifully acted by the likes of Colin Morgan and Bradley James. Give us Bromantics a break and cut us some slack. This one is OURS.

Thank you for letting me vent a bit. Just trying to get others to see our side of the fence. I've been seeing their side for decades now. And yes, I'm aging myself. I don't care. This show stole my heart and all because it was about Arthur and Merlin and their destinies being linked together. I have needed this for so long. Those who cannot possibly understand probably never will, but at least do us the courtesy of letting us imbibe in this feeling for as long as it will last.

Again, thank you.
(Writer of Male/Male and Bromance stories.)

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